Angel Lodge No. 51 first met in November 1735 and is the oldest Masonic Lodge still in existence in the Province of Essex. It is named after the Angel Inn which used to stand on the corner of West Stockwell Street in Colchester (now, sadly, demolished) and where the Lodge met for many years.

The history of Colchester and that of Angel Lodge over the last 282 years are closely linked with many prominent local people having been members and, of course, a close link to Colchester’s military connections  - we are proud to say we still have several servicemen as members today. It was the Master of Angel Lodge, for example, who laid the foundation stone of Colchester’s original Town Hall and on many occasions Angel also hosted the annual Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting in the Moot Hall during the early 20th century.

We celebrated our 200th Anniversary in November 1935 with a banquet at the Moot Hall, Colchester and our 250th and 275th Anniversaries at St Giles Centre in a similar fashion.

Angel prides it’s self on being a friendly, relaxed Lodge which is always pleased to welcome visitors.