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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Grey Friars Chapter C5169

Essex Quadrant Chapter C7143

Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge L8665

Bishop of Barking Lodge L3050

Canon Stafford Morris Lodge L7975

Lucton Lodge L3353


Wennington Chapter C4559

West Essex Lodge L2561

Durolitum Lodge L5613

Daen Ingas Lodge L7951

West Essex Round Table Lodge L9310

Thomas Paycocke Lodge L8200

Angel Lodge L51


Trinity Chapter C1734

Leigh-on-Sea Chapter C4708

Herongate Chapter C4960

Rosslyn Lodge L1543

Victory Marine Lodge L6160

Lodge of St Peter L1024


Essex Masters Lodge L3256

Mistley Lodge L2339

Manor of Newland Lodge L6403


Royal Burnham Lodge L4904


Lodge of Fraternity Lodge L5916


Pitsea Chapter C4837

Courtenay Chapter C7529

Southchurch Hall Lodge L8005

Wheel of Fellowship Lodge L9016


Patriotic Chapter C51

Venturer Chapter C7897

Burntwood Lodge L8016

Clayhall Lodge L8730

Wakering and Barling Lodge L9790

Ingrebourne Lodge L3345


Plume Chapter C1024

Westcliff Chapter C2903

Upminster Daylight Chapter C9788

Holy Mount Lodge L6998

Southend-on-Sea Lodge L6484

Arnold Lodge L1799

Stansted Mountfitchet Lodge L6230

Essex United Service Lodge L3804


Coronation Chapter C2063

Weald Chapter C2707

Monkhams Lodge L4161

Little Heath Lodge L5935

Wickford Lodge L4220

Pyefleet Lodge L8913

Langthorne Lodge L1421

Lodge of Good Fellowship L276

Easterford Lodge L2342


North Essex Masters’ Lodge L9831

Pyrgo Lodge L5802

Goodwill Lodge L7904

Netteswell Cross Lodge L9280

North Essex Round Table Lodge L9578


Seven Kings Lodge L2749

Rainham Lodge L3079

Janus Lodge L4456

Old Palmerians Lodge L5632

Deo Confidimus Lodge L6253

Leigh Chase Lodge L6804

Faircross Lodge L7610

Valence Lodge L5388

Ashingdon Lodge L9026

Prittlewell Lodge L4896

Tollesbury Lodge L4738


Templewood Chapter C7424

Chapter of Stedfast Unity C9128

Sibelius Lodge L9448

Sigebert Lodge L7572

Blackwater Lodge L1977

Lodge of Saint Mary L1312

Woodrolfe Lodge L8354


Chapter of True Friendship C160

Essex Chapter C276

Hutton Chapter C4640

Chapter of Friendship C5587

Iceni Chapter C6066

Earlham Lodge L7266

Colne Lodge L2477

Star in the East Lodge L650


Theydon Lodge L6012

Spero Lodge L6825

Stondon Massey Lodge L7881

Frederick Leistikow Lodge L9143

Thorpe Bay Lodge L4803

Trinity Lodge L1734

Mersea Island Lodge L5534


Temple Chapter C5279

Chapter of Success C5486

Chapter of Amity C5753

Daylight Chapter of Hutton C9806

Chigwell Lodge L453

Walden Lodge L1280

Benfleet Lodge L3798

Thames Mouth Lodge L6994

Eton Manor Lodge L8438

Crossed Keys Lodge L7808

Bulphan Lodge L8230


Earl of Warwick Chapter C2504

Liberty of Havering Lodge L1437

Canute Lodge L3104

Hamlet Court Lodge L6026

Tuscan Lodge L6067

North Weald Bassett Lodge L8403

Lucas and Lisle Lodge L8456

Peverel Lodge L7743


Thames Estuary Chapter C4043

Richard Clowes Lodge L2936

Epping Forest Lodge L4263

Danehurst Lodge L4541

Hadleigh Castle Lodge L5447

St Laurence Lodge L5511

Hornchurch Lodge L5790

Thurrock Lodge L4757

Tudor Lodge L6947

Haven Lodge L7046

Eastwoodbury Lodge L7922

Colvin Lodge L5374

Ostrea Lodge L8209


Waltham Abbey Lodge L2750

Old Church Lodge L7070

Round Table Lodge of Essex L8217

St Clements Lodge L2442

Sweyn Lodge L4764

Lodge of Hope L433

Comrades Lodge L2976


Mildmay Chapter C5149

Abbots Hall Chapter C6205

Lodge of Hope and Unity L214

Wennington Lodge L4559

Cranbrook Lodge L4609

Harlowbury Lodge L7795

Lodge of True Friendship L160

Dedham Vale Lodge L8901


Epping Chapter C2077

St Philip Chapter C4221

Chapter of Enlightenment C9550

Daylight Lodge of Hutton L9806

Bromley Priory Lodge L3604

Aeronautical Lodge L9647

Ingatestone Lodge L5167

Holland-on-Sea Lodge L6639

Cromwell Lodge L6971

Beeleigh Abbey Lodge L7017

Tendring Hundred Lodge L7623

United Lodge L697


Blackwater Chapter C1977

Wykeham Lodge L4925

Chafford Lodge L5510

Knighton Lodge L5899

Ixion Lodge L2501

Brownswood Lodge L4272

Lodge of Beneficence Lodge L7978

Mitre Lodge L9307

Priory Lodge L1000

Audley Lodge L7281

Joshua Nunn Lodge L2154


Seven Kings Chapter C2749

Valence Chapter C5388

Drayton Standard Lodge L8626

Belmont Lodge L9623

Old Southendian Lodge L5403

St Osyth’s Priory Lodge L2063

Lodge of Charity Lodge L9091


Chigwell Chapter C453

Mark Lockwood Chapter C3114

Lodge of Success Lodge L5486

Vega Lodge L6785

Grey Towers Lodge L7787

Albert Lucking Lodge L2717

Barking Abbey Lodge L4542

St Leonard Lodge L4982

St Margaret’s Lodge L5168

Stanford-le-Hope Lodge L5217


Trafalgar Chapter C433

Chapter of St Mary C1312

Victorian Chapter C2184

Warner Chapter C2256

Abbs Cross Chapter C6920

Tabula Rotunda Lodge L8607

Grey Friars Lodge L5169

Lucton Lodge L3353


Waltham Abbey Chapter C2750

Stansted Mountfitchet Chapter C6230

West Essex Lodge L2561

Aldborough Lodge L5586

Sylvan Lodge L6381

Loughton Lodge L8455

Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge L9609

Springfield Lodge L3183

Daen Ingas Lodge L7951

Castle Point Lodge L9122

Thomas Paycocke Lodge L8200

Angel Lodge L51


Holland-on-Sea Chapter C6639

Luxborough Lodge L4700

Leigh-on-Sea Lodge L4708

Fiducial Lodge L8753

Concorde of Stansted Lodge L9474

Saint John’s Lodge L1343

St Andrew’s Lodge L1817

Stonewell Lodge L9137

Rosslyn Lodge L1543

Lodge of St Peter L1024


Chapter of Remembrance C7674

Connaught Water Lodge L6280

Royal Victorian Jubilee Lodge L2184

Thundersley Lodge L5225

Lodge of Harmony L8476

Elsenham Lodge L8973

William of Colchester Lodge L5255

Mistley Lodge L2339

Lodge of Faith Lodge L6830

Manor of Newland Lodge L6403


St Helen and St Giles Chapter C9133

Templewood Lodge L7424

Chingford Meridian Lodge L7465

Basildon Lodge L7798

Heath Park Lodge L5058

Royal Burnham Lodge L4904


Old Parkonians Chapter C4709

Almaston Lodge L4455

Avilion Lodge L4879

Lodge of Industry Lodge L6068

Saint Cedd Lodge L6519

Stifford Heath Lodge L8327

West Essex Meridian Lodge L9821

Southcliff Lodge L4230

Hockley Lodge L6204

Gunfleet Lodge L6884

Lodge of Fraternity Lodge L5916

Colcestria Lodge L7123

Boswells Lodge L7759


Chapter of Borrowed Light C9054

Goodmayes Lodge L5070

Leyton Grange Park Lodge L5473

Lodge of Stedfast Unity Lodge L9128

Ingrebourne Lodge L3345

Laindon Lodge L5230

Claudius Lodge L8700


St Andrew’s Chapter C1817

Comrades Chapter C2976

Philbrick Lodge L2255

Leyton St John’s Lodge L4860

Buckhurst Hill Lodge L8291

Saint Francis Lodge L9579

Victory Marine Lodge L6160

Arnold Lodge L1799

Stansted Mountfitchet Lodge L6230

Essex United Service Lodge L3804


Colne Valley Chapter C2154

Earlham Chapter C7266

Weald Lodge L2707

Roding Lodge L3090

Oaks of Fairmead Lodge L7312

Urswyck Lodge L7947

Counos Lodge L8133

Sancto Claro Lodge L9486

Langthorne Lodge L1421

Lodge of Good Fellowship L276


Mistley Chapter C2339

Frederick Leistikow Chapter C9143

Earl of Warwick Lodge L2504

Redbridge Lodge L7145

Upminster Hall Lodge L7573

Parndon Magna Lodge L8805

Rochford Kindred Daylight Lodge L9820

Crowstone Lodge L3298

Old Westcliffian Lodge L5456

Alexandra Maritime Lodge L8780


St Clements Chapter C2442

Brooke Lodge L2005

Frituna Lodge L2949

Edward the Confessor Lodge L3782

Thomas-a-Becket Lodge L5184

Tutela Lodge L6559

St Michael’s Lodge L6683

Crouch Lodge L7497

New Elizabethan Lodge L7561

Hainault Lodge L4367

St Katharine’s Lodge L5376

Martello Lodge L7121

Prittlewell Lodge L4896

Tollesbury Lodge L4738

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