Did you know, six in ten parents do not have a will?

Writing a will, is by nature, something people prefer to put off for another day. Recent research revealed that more adults in the UK do not have a willthan those who do – a concerning statistic, as the making of a will ensures the future protection for the people and causes you care about.

Free will writing

We have joined the Goodwill Partnership to encourage more adults, both masonic and non-masonic to write their will. Access to the service is free to the user, by quoting MCF001.

The Goodwill Partnership is the largest home-visit solicitor-provided will-making service in England and Wales. They work with over 125 charities, offering the opportunity for supporters and their families to attain a basic solicitor-provided written will.

Over 300 wills have been written via the MCF, meaning over 300 individuals have now arranged the future financial protection of loved ones, and in some cases, pledged a charitable gift to a cause or causes they care about.

How does it work?

After arranging a home visit – which will follow social distancing guidance – or a phone or video appointment, a trained Goodwill Partnership counsellor will take your instructions which will then be passed to a panel solicitor to draft your will.

All solicitors are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They can also provide additional legal advice – for example, if a basic will is not sufficient to cover your instructions – and a storage service for your signed will if required for a small annual fee.

Interested in writing a will?

You can book an appointment with the Goodwill Partnership online or by calling 0844 669 6148. Remember to quote the reference code MCF001 which will allow you to have your will written free of charge.

This is not an exclusively masonic service. If you have family, relatives or friends that require a new will then this service is available for them too, and by quoting MCF001, they will also receive their finalised will for free.

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Leaving a legacy gift

The MCF is very grateful for every kind legacy gift we receive. Each donation allows the charity to continue working effectively for all who need our assistance in the years to come. However, there is no obligation to leave a gift in your will to the MCF in order to use the service for free.