We meet at St. Giles Masonic Centre, St. Johns Green, Colchester, CO2 7EZ.  St. Giles is an old church, circa 1100, and was closed in 1953, and is approximately 5 minutes walk from Colchester Town Railway Station.

We meet on the Second Fridays in the months of February, March, April, September, October & November, our meetings usually commence at 18:00hrs, except in February when we start a bit earlier as it is our installation meeting.

Our Lodge was consecrated at St. Giles Masonic Centre on Wednesday 11th October 1972, and was the first new lodge consecrated at the new home of Colchester masons at St. Giles, and we became the 9th lodge in Colchester, the 258th lodge in the Province of Essex, and the 8456th in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England.

The lodge is named after the two Royalist leaders at the siege of Colchester in 1648, the Royalist defenders surrendered on the 27th August and after the siege Sir George Lisle and Sir Charles Lucas were executed (shot) on the orders of General Fairfax.  The two bodies were secretly buried in the church, and later a large black engraved marble slab was placed over the graves, this slab is still on display in the North Chapel, the remains of ‘the two most valiant knights’ have since been removed.

The founders of the lodge were drawn mainly from Colcestria lodge in Colchester, and we still have a close connection with them today.  The founders thought that we should meet 6 times a year, and we still do.  Members of the lodge consider us to be the best lodge in Essex (but all freemasons make that claim) but that aside we are a small lodge, but a very happy lodge, we take our work seriously, but always remembering that we should enjoy ourselves.