The Lodge was founded in August 2000. It meets three times per year at St Giles Masonic Centre, Colchester, and additionally to enjoy social activities. Unlike most Masonic Lodges, Meridies Colcestriae meets during daylight hours and, as the only Masonic Lodge in North East Essex to do so, attracts membership from a large surrounding area.


The Lodge name may be translated from the Latin in many ways, each of which reveals and contributes to its own particular Masonic significance. The mid-day, noon-day or meridian of Colchester, when the sun is at its highest point, are equally valid versions.

As one of Britain’s foremost historic towns, Colchester is well endowed with important buildings, constructed by operative masons over a period of 2000 years. The town walls were built during the Roman period cAD 65-80 and are the oldest in Britain. At the heart of the medieval town stands Colchester Castle, which was constructed by order of William the Conqueror, begun in 1076, this great Norman Keep is contemporary with the White Tower, and is the largest structure of its kind in Europe. Round the foot of the Castle runs the River Colne, which has its first crossing point here in Colchester. The Lodge emblem bears all these well known features. It depicts a typical medieval walled town with a Castle standing within, whilst a river running round gives added protection crossed only by a bridge to the main gate. The gates are wide open in welcome as are those of the Castle, this is reflective of the nature of our Lodge, warm, friendly and welcoming to members new and old from all walks of life.