A ‘Royal’ welcome pack to Essex Royal Arch Freemasonry

The New Provincial Royal Arch Welcome Pack for every Exaltees in the Province

In every Freemason’s journey not only is their own exaltation ceremony one of the most memorable experiences but also there is now a Provincial resource every Companion should receive on their special day to welcome them to Essex Royal Arch Freemasonry.

The new Royal Arch Welcome Pack has been redesigned to be presented to every new Exaltee at their exaltation. It is an excellent guide with information to help make them feel immediately more at home and look forward to actively enjoying Royal Arch Freemasonry as much as possible. Punctually sending in their Chapter summons to the Provincial Office by all Scribes E is important so that a new Royal Arch Welcome Pack can be sent for presentation to each newly exalted Companion.

The very first of the new Welcome Packs was presented to a delighted Henry Dyke of Chigwell Chapter No. 453 at the end of his exaltation on Saturday 18th November 2023 in the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Elliott Chevin.  The DepGSupt is very pleased the Royal Arch Welcome Pack is now available and Elliott also encourages all Scribes E to send their summonses in so that the welcome packs can be sent out in time for Exaltees to receive them at their exaltation.


Top: Comp. Henry Dyke (second from right) is delighted to be the first Exaltee in Essex to receive the new Royal Arch Welcome Pack with E Comp. Elliott Chevin, the DepGSupt, (second from left) in attendance.