Bruce’s bonus surprise on being initiated into Freemasonry

Dad Brian Heasman surprises son Bruce by officiating on a special family occasion

A new candidate was taken by surprise to find that his dad was conducting the ceremony for his initiation into Freemasonry. Among the 7,500 Freemasons in Essex there are a number of fathers and sons, but it is an extra special occasion when a new member is initiated by his father.

Dad, Brian Heasman, joined Colne Lodge in 1972 and became the Worshipful Master in 1982. Since then, he has joined many of the additional Orders in Freemasonry and is a Grand Officer in several of them. Brian said, “Bruce was surprised to hear my voice on entering the Lodge as I hadn’t told him I would be officiating.” Son Bruce added “I was not only surprised but also really impressed with the ceremony.”   

The son of a Freemason is called a ‘Lewis’, so named after the tool in a pulley system used to lift heavy stone to a great height with ease. Just as the Lewis helps lift heavy stones, the son aids the aging father, ensuring their peaceful and happy twilight years. After welcoming Bruce to Essex Freemasonry, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Lodge, Philip Lovelock, said “It was a very moving ceremony and I also explained to Bruce that now he is a Lewis there are responsibilities that come with that honour.”

With around 30 members and meeting at Wivenhoe Masonic Hall, Colne Lodge No. 2477 has a remarkable history from when it was formed in 1893. It is also well known locally for regularly supporting charities and community groups and is one of the 87 University Scheme Lodges of the United Grand Lodge of England for those aged 18 and over who are currently studying at university in towns and cities across England and Wales.


Top (L-R): Philip Lovelock, Bruce Heasman and Brian Heasman