Charity Stewards’ continued support for the Army Benevolent Fund (ABF)

£500 raised for the ABF by the Charity Stewards' Lodge in conjunction with Essex Provincial Charity Fund

At the St Giles Masonic Centre in Colchester on 7th September 2023 following the latest meeting of Burntwood Lodge (The Essex Charity Stewards’ Lodge), the 30 plus attendees were presented with an update of Essex Freemasons’ continuing support for the ABF ( under the Armed Forces Covenant as well as a run through if all the good work they do. The Lodge, assisted by the Essex Provincial Charity Fund, donated £500 to the ABF on the night.

The ABF is the Soldiers Charity and supports service personnel both during and after military service. Essex Freemasons have supported the ABF with a donation of £15,000 towards Operation Camouflage. This was a three-week summer school/activity in Woodbridge for children of service personnel at Colchester Garrison and other local bases, plus underprivileged children in the local area.

In 2021/22 the ABF supported five areas of service personnel, Housing, Wellbeing, Family. Elderly Care and Training, Education and Employment with over £2.75 Million, including SSAFA, Royal Hospital Chelsea, Royal British Legion Industries and Combat Stress to name but a few.  

Simon Ferrier, ABF Briefing and Liaison Officer London and East Anglia, said, “The donations that we have received from Essex Freemasons is going a long way to the ABF being able to support children of service personnel and to help in our other activities. The ABF rely on support from many sources to be able to help other Military Charities as SSAFA and BLESMA.”

Chris Hicks, Provincial Charity Steward, said “The Essex Freemasons’ continuing support for the Military is one of our objectives under the Armed Forces Covenant, it is only right to support our service personnel and their families for the service they give to us.”     

The next meeting of Burntwood Lodge will be on Tuesday 7th November at Saxon Hall in Southend.


Top: Simon Ferrier (ABF) presenting to attentive audience

Bottom: Simon Ferrier (ABF), Chris Hicks (Provincial Charity Steward), Alys Potter (ABF), Lt Col Ed Rankin (Garrison Commander, Colchester), Colin Felton (Worshipful Master of Burntwood Lodge)