Essex and London Lodges combine Twice in Three months to Raise two brethren

Londinium Lodge, which meets at The Guildhall, at the request of the Essex Rochford Hundred, raised Adil Khan to the degree of a Master Mason.

At the December meeting of Londinium Lodge No. 4208, which meets in the Crypt at The Guildhall, City of London, at the request of the Essex Rochford Hundred Lodge No. 8922, raised Adil Khan to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

John Porter and John Havis, from the Rochford Hundred, assisted during the ceremony in the roles of Senior and Junior Deacons.

Lee Taylor, Provincial Senior Grand Deacon and the current Master of Londinium, also a member of Rochford Hundred, which made the connection, presided. 

The ceremony was carried out by Chris Wheeler, the current Londinium, Director of Ceremonies, who is also an Essex Mason!  - Norman Graham, Senior London Grand Rank, provided an excellent rendition of the Traditional History.

This event was overseen by Lewis Bloch, Metropolitan Grand Inspector, on an Official Visit, and by our own VW Paul Reeves, Past Grand Sword Bearer, who was visiting in his private capacity. There were twenty-three guests, many from whom were from Essex and who enjoyed the Festive Board together.

This combined meeting was well received and enjoyed by all. As a result, Richard Woods also of Rochford Hundred, asked if he too could enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Crypt and was similarly Raised at the March meeting of Londinium, again with the same Londinium Past Master and the active support of the Deacons and supporting brethren from Rochford Hundred.

A memory that will last forever, in the minds of those two young masons, as well as the other Lodge brethren from London and Essex, with whom this has built a strong bond.

Photo taken in the Crypt after the Second Raising in March.