Essex Coastal News from Clacton Colvin Memorial Temple

Holland on Sea Lodge No. 6639 welcomes two new members Tom Baker and Kerry Smith, thanks to the Members’ Pathway

Holland on Sea Lodge No. 6639 welcomes two new members Tom Baker and Kerry Smith. Thanks to the Members’ Pathway, when Tom turned up for his interview, he recognised some of the members including the Worshipful Master (WM), Paul Dewin, whom he had known for around 20 years.  

Paul Dewin said, “Tom did a lot of work for charity when he was a professional wrestler and has fitted nicely into the Lodge and is doing great as the Inner Guard and Charity Steward too.” After his Raising, Tom described his Third-Degree experience as ‘mind-blowing’ and said, “I wish I had done it years ago.”

Kerry Smith is seen here with WM, Paul Dewin, and Director of Ceremonies, Neil Field. Kerry joined as a friend of Paul’s and was the first new member processed on Hermes by the Lodge. Having been involved in various charitable activities over the years Kerry hopes that joining Freemasonry will help him get involved even more. Paul Dewin said, “I am sure that Kerry will fit in well in the Lodge and enjoy being a Mason.”

Meanwhile the Colvin Lodge No. 5374 Charity Steward has become a Commander. Last year, together with Alex Willis and both of Colvin Lodge, Alan Penney walked on hot coals wearing a Mark T-shirt and hat to raise funds for St Helena’s Hospice. He did a lot of charity work when he was a full-time entertainer before he retired, as well as since becoming the Charity Steward in his Craft and Mark Lodges which both meet in Clacton-on-Sea.

On Friday 14th April 2023, the Royal Ark Mariners (RAM) Provincial Grand Master, Terence Sheern, and 20 of his Officers moored (a mariner term for turning up) at RAM Aurelius Lodge No.814 for a very special ceremony as Alan Penney answered the questions to go into the Chair. In RAM the Master is known as a Commander.

Normally, Alan would have gone in the Mark Chair first for at least one year and then if elected go into the Mariner Chair. But because he has had two stokes leaving him with a problem memory which the doctors say is young onset dementia, Alan has been told by his specialists that he is going to get worse.

So, David Todd, the Aurelius RAM Lodge Secretary, with the members’ support, asked the RAM Provincial Grand Officers for permission, which was granted, for Alan, with the Lodge’s help, to take the Chair this year. The Ceremony went well with the help of the Past Commander, Les Morgan, prompting where needed. Alan said he will do his best this year and not 'Rock the Boat' and still aims high to go into the Mark Chair next year.


Top: Holland-on Sea IPM Cliff Baker, Tom Baker, WM Paul Dewin and Neil Field

Left: Kerry Smith, Holland-on-Sea WM Paul Dewin and Neil Field

Right: Past Commander Les Morgan, Alan Penney the new Commander of Aurelius Mark Mariners Lodge and RAM Provincial Grand Master, Terence Sheern

Left bottom: Commander Alan Penney