The Upminster 'Festival of Freemasonry' - OPEN TO ALL...

If you may be wondering, 'what do Freemasons really do behind their doors?' - perhaps learn a little more by visiting this Festival...

Currently there is a lot of public interest in the Masons. In the past much has been centred around allegations of secrecy but following all the volunteering work they did during the pandemic there is much more public appreciation of the good they do.  Also, in Essex alone it is estimated the Masons give well over £1 million each year to charities, good causes and local communities which is a lifeline for many, especially now during the cost-of-living crisis.

But what do the Freemasons really do behind their doors? How does an organisation which is steeped with references to ancient history and medieval times combine it with the modern-day openness of Freemasonry today? How do their rituals help members become better people? How do people become Masons?

Close to Upminster Station, at their unpretentious home called ‘The Square’ in Deyncourt Gardens, the doors of Essex Freemasonry will be open for one day on Friday 2nd June from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm for a ‘Festival of Freemasonry’ to showcase to everyone what it is all about including their work in the community, traditions and history and the different Masonic Orders as well as their sporting associations and clubs.  Open to all, this is a unique one-off opportunity with free tea and coffee being served to find out more about what around 8,000 Freemasons do in Essex.


The Square at Upminster and one of the lodge rooms