Calling All Frontline Heroes!

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Ilford Castle Lodge 7144 should be celebrating its 70th Anniversary in February 2022, however we, like others, are considering surrendering our Warrant. This is for several reasons but we would hate to give up yet. During the pandemic, W Bro Shaun Rayner, the Worshipful Master (WM) and Mentor, embarked on raising money for frontline key-workers and the idea of ‘The Frontline Heroes’ was born. Our remaining members are all frontline key-workers and we are opening our door to all frontline keyworkers. Help us save our little Lodge.

It would be sad for me personally that, after nearly 25 years in Freemasonry, my mother lodge is considering its future whilst I am its WM for the third time. Despite what impression you may have, our members are a truly dedicated bunch and this is reflected by the work they have been doing during the pandemic. Police, court, prison staff, public transport. I cannot say how proud I am of our brethren in that during the pandemic our six members have helped raise over £2,000 for the frontline heroes.

What can we offer you? We meet four times a year in February, April, September and December with three of the four on a Saturday. If you wish to progress as Officers then you could almost pick your role, subject to experience.  We do have a WM, who has been waiting two years for the opportunity and he would miss out if we close. We meet in Harlow, which is a lovely little temple and has recently had some improvements during lockdown including excellent parking and air conditioning. Please help continue the journey.

* Specialist Frontline Key-Workers Lodge
* Help a Lodge from closing
* Progress quickly
* three of the four meetings are on a Saturday
* Brethren of all ages, IPM is just 22 - one of the youngest Masters EVER.

We will reduce our joining fee to the minimum possible, although UGLE and Provincial fees would still apply, for all new members to encourage you to join. We would love to hear from you.

After 69 years it would be sad for another Essex Lodge to close its doors. The pandemic has hit everyone hard BUT what better way to show our appreciation for our heroes than by joining a lodge which wants to dedicate itself to ALL Frontline Key Workers.
Let’s join together and make this work.

Thanks all: Shaun Rayner

Tony Hales

Content Generator
Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex