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Macnab Lodge Looks Forward to a Busy 2022 and beyond

21 January 2022 ~ Published in News. Read 354 times.

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The eagerly anticipated Macnab Lodge is to be Consecrated on Friday the 10th June 2022 at Southend-on-Sea (Saxon Hall) Masonic Centre with what should prove to be a most unique and exciting Consecration experience for all those who attend.  

The Primus Master designate of the newest thematic Lodge in the Province of Essex is Neil Beverley, a Past Senior Grand Deacon (PSGD) and a currently serving Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM).

Macnab Lodge aims to conjoin the passions of fishing and shooting with fresh, fun, thematic Freemasonry. Its name is from the shooting and fishing based ‘Macnab Challenge’ which takes its roots from the novel ‘John Macnab’, written by John Buchan the author of The 39 Steps. The Field magazine describes the modern day Macnab Challenge as “a thrilling test of sporting skill (with a dash of luck thrown in).”

Macnab will meet at different locations around Essex matching shooting or fishing activities pre-Lodge meeting to enable members to build up a healthy appetite for the labour and refreshment afterwards. Within the Lodge and at the festive board members can expect unique and imaginatively appropriate shooting and fishing-based quirks which will certainly add to the aura and enjoyment of the meetings.

With a brace of founding members already signed-up to launch the lodge, the Macnabists will soon after be welcoming new joining members into the fold adding to the rich mixture of shooters and fishermen from Essex. Macnab Lodge looks forward to a busy 2022 and beyond.

If you are interested in attending the Consecration, especially those who have never attended one before, or becoming a joining “Macnabist”, email the Assistant Secretary designate, Gary Brown, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details or find us on Facebook.