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A Family Affair and a ‘Knight’ to Remember

19 February 2022 ~ Published in News. Read 155 times.

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It was a real family affair at Upminster Masonic Centre on Saturday 12th February, when Hornchurch Lodge, No. 5790, witnessed a special initiation of a Lewis.

Luke Knight was initiated by his father, Keith (2nd from left), ADC of the Lodge; his older brother, James (left), the current Master of the Lodge, stood aside to let their father take the chair and had the honour of escorting his brother round the Lodge, standing in as Junior Deacon.

Not only that, but his uncle, Peter Knight (right), the DC of the Lodge, was also involved and proudly gave the explanation of the Working Tools of the First Degree.

It was just 18-and-a-half years ago that Keith was pleased to tell his family and friends at a meeting that he was now the proud father of a third son.

“Yet another Mason to be,” he told the Lodge at the time – many a true word…

A wonderful evening for the ‘Knights’, supported by 22 members and 13 guests. Wonder if they dined at a round table!