A Leap of Faith in Solomon

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It was a leap of faith on behalf of the many who had worked hard when Sir David Wooton, the Assistant Grand Master, launched the new online platform ‘Solomon’ two years ago on Saturday 21st November 2018. Among the congratulatory tweets on Twitter last Saturday (21st) from various individuals, one was one sent by a Province which read:

“Happy Second Birthday Solomon. The Dep Grand Master and all the brethren of the Province of Essex send their Congrats to all the Team @SolomonUGLE. We give our best wishes to everyone involved with Solomon in continuing to Foster Curiosity and Deliver Understanding to us all.”

The original aim of Solomon was to provide material to deliver in Lodges from a platform linking authors with members and was initially a depository of PDFs. Two years on there is now a wide combination of blended learning from experts and peers or self-directed using not only PDFs in the form of nuggets, papers and leaflets but also sound files, HTML 5.0 files, SCORM (share content reference modules), discussion forums and webinars.

With a range of subject areas covering both Craft and Royal Arch, there is something for everyone which can be accessed through the Search Bar or through the entry modulse of: Seek & Learn: designed for everyone, Share & Encourage: for Mentors and Support and Promote: for Provinces and Districts.

Over 34,000 Members have justified the ‘leap of faith’ finding Solomon really is ‘Fostering Curiosity and Developing Understanding’ and is an excellent resource for Brethren who want to make a Daily (or weekly, or monthly) Advancement in the Craft and Royal Arch. Join them at Solomon (ugle.org.uk)

Tony Hales

Content Generator
Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex