Coaching Craftsmen and Companions

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Rapturous applause by all the Brethren present followed the announcement of DepPGM, Paul Reeves, following the 27th January 2020 Lodge of Enlightenment No 9550 Installation Meeting. With over forty years’ experience in coaching Craftsmen and Companions, W Bro Ken Cownden would be recognised by the Province with one of only six annual promotions to the new honour of PPSGW. 

Both the recognition and applause were richly deserved.  A good number of Brethren have gained from W Bro Ken’s coaching as a DC or Preceptor in the Lodges he is a member of including the Lodge of Daily Advancement No 9979 in which he is a Founding Father as well as being the DC.  Also, many more Brethren have learned from his Masonic presentations as a Speaker at their Lodges.

With dark blue honours in the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise as well, Ken’s Freemasonry is without borders but neither promotion nor the pandemic have dented his zeal to continue helping Brethren learn the Ritual in our ceremonies so that they can get ready to deliver with confidence to candidates when it is safe to do so.  Two recent ‘Thoughts for the Day’ by W Bro Ken give some helpful hints:

  • Pick up the book - re-learn, recite and learn a new piece or pages
  • Read the piece - from start to finish again and again
  • Learn the first bit – but carry on reading the whole piece from start to finish
  • Move to the last bit – and continue repeatedly reading the whole piece
  • What about the middle? – You should find this is now well understood and easy
  • Deliver with panache – practice with inflection, character, expression and flair

Our Grand Master, HRH The Duke of Kent, in his New Year Message referred to the ‘waiting lists’ of applications for membership from those who have read or heard about our good works in the Community over the last year.  The standards of our Ritual do need to be upheld and made enjoyable for these new candidates. This can be achieved by learning from the valuable experience of W Bro Ken Cownden PPSGW and others like him who are dedicated to ‘Coaching our Craftsmen’.

Tony Hales

Content Generator
Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex