Lodge of Enlightenment

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Bringing together Freemasons who are, or have served as, Secretaries and Treasurers in order to share among themselves their vast experience and knowledge.

Meeting on the fourth Monday in January (Installation) and the third Monday in June and September


‘The Square’, Upminster Masonic Hall, Deyncourt Gardens, Upminster, Essex RM14 1DF 




1599:  The oldest Craft regulation for the appointment of a Lodge Secretary to act as a ‘clerk and scribe’ is found in the Schaw Statutes drafted for the Lodge of Kilwinning and was applied to all the lodges in Scotland. 

1670:  Lodge of Aberdeen stipulated that a Clerk is to be chosen ‘everie yeire’.

1737:  Lodge of Antiquity No 2 (founded circa 1691) was the first English lodge to record the election of a Secretary when John Howes, ‘having paid his dues, was chose’.  

1994:  Consecration of the Lodge of Enlightenment No. 9550, formed for Secretaries and Treasurers. The Founders appreciated that the Brethren chosen for these two important offices become key to the success of their own Lodges and whilst carrying out their duties they gain an extensive level of expertise and skill which can usefully be shared with others for the benefit of the Craft.

2019: ‘A History of the first 25 Years’ was compiled by W Bro John Helliar PSGD, PAPGM, DSEM to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Lodge.



The Founders also considered that the Lodge Badge should clearly show the purpose and activity of the Lodge.  The jewels of the Secretary and Treasurer, a quill pen and a key, rest on an open book surmounted by the square and compasses, which is surrounded by a double circle containing the wording Lodge of Enlightenment No 9550 and Plus Lucis, which is Latin for ‘More Light’, summing up the aim of the Lodge in giving more light where there is darkness.



The aim of the Lodge of Enlightenment continues to bring together the valuable vast experience of serving and past Lodge Secretaries and Treasurers in one Lodge where they can share their knowledge with each other and their visitors in a relaxed and friendly way. New members and visitors find not only friendliness but also a deep-rooted love for Freemasonry among all the Lodge members.



Enjoyment: Except for the Installation meeting there are no other ritual ceremonies. This makes for a relaxed environment in which to listen to guest speakers or watch a demonstration. Useful and interesting subjects are chosen with concepts and themes for you to take away and use to enhance the attractiveness of your own Lodge meetings.

Discovering: Although the routine duties of a Secretary and Treasurer are referred to in the Book of Constitutions and the Lodge By-Laws, on joining the Lodge of Enlightenment you will discover more ways as to how you can better serve your own Lodge.

Learning: With so much to learn from each other, the Lodge of Enlightenment has become a Lodge of choice for Secretaries and Treasurers to meet and communicate together with good humour and professionalism. New ideas, Masonic information and examples of best practice are all brought to light through the many informal conversations at the meetings and festive boards.

Keeping Pace: Membership is ideal for Secretaries and Treasurers who want to keep pace with new developments in Freemasonry and play a large part in the success of their own Lodges rather than just carrying out the routine duties of their offices.

Strengthening: From encouraging the enthusiasm on your first contact with new members into your Lodge through to communicating with Provincial or Metropolitan Grand Secretaries, the Lodge of Enlightenment peer group support will help you strengthen the general prospects and future reputation of your own Lodge.



I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who.


Written by Bro Rudyard Kipling

Past Secretary of the Lodge of Hope and Perseverance No 782 EC


Tony Hales

Content Generator
Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex