“We’ll Meet Again” - it’s not If but When!

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Dame Vera Lynn lived to be 103 (1917 – 2020), born in East Ham she referred to herself as ‘the girl next door’. Singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’, she gave hope to many millions throughout WWII.  Currently the iconic first line of her song gives hope not only to the Brethren of Old Easthameians Lodge No 7693 but to the rest of the Brethren in the Province of Essex and throughout the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

In January 2021 VW Bro Dr David Staples FRCP, Grand Secretary of UGLE, gave counsel with two primary principles: Firstly, to obey the law and government guidance, and secondly for individual Lodges to do what is right for them as they are allowed within the first rule.

Grand Lodge wants to support Brethren who do not feel ready to return to meetings. VW Bro David said “They are under no pressure whatsoever to feel they must come back.” Nevertheless, Grand Lodge also wants Lodges to avoid making decisions which may prolong not meeting, perhaps even until next year, when there may be younger brethren who would be happy to meet with eased restrictions. 

No Lodge will be criticised for not holding a meeting in accordance with their Lodge by-laws at this time, but when the suspension is lifted, albeit with restrictions in place, those Brethren who wish to have their ‘fortitude’ recorded in Masonic folklore should not be prevented from meeting.

 Fortitude is a great attribute but Freemasons also bear in mind their wider responsibilities especially to the vulnerable, the majority of whom may not return until the pandemic is fully under control and the time-honoured meetings can be arranged again. At present those days may seem to be in the distant future but the good news is We’ll Meet Again” - it’s not If but When!

Tony Hales

Content Generator
Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex