One Volunteer is Worth Ten Pressed Men

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In every Freemason there is a desire to do good work for the Community and help others. For a number of Brethren this desire has grown stronger during the COVID-19 crisis and they have responded to the many calls for volunteers. They do their bit to help others overcome the pandemic so that everyone can get back to doing the things we all love to do.

One Volunteer, W Bro Paul Thurgood, registered via the Southend Borough Council Volunteer Hub  as a Covid Vaccination Marshall at Saxon Hall. Paul (right) is also a Director of Saxon Hall but is seen here with the Mark APGM W Bro Richard Goodwin (left) in their volunteering roles as the new car park attendants.

Since The Grand Master’s Directive on 17th March 2020 a number of Essex Freemasons have volunteered to do good work for the Community. To commemorate one year of volunteering during the pandemic in March 2021, the Provincial Communications Team plan to publish a special Feature to honour all those who have volunteered either officially or have gone that ‘extra personal mile’ to help others.

If you have volunteered anywhere in any way or helped others, since 17th March 2020 please send details of your volunteering to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and join Volunteers from across the Province in this special Commemorative Feature for the annals of Provincial history and, more importantly, as an inspiration for generations of Freemasons to come.

Tony Hales

Content Generator
Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex