Sublime ‘Pathway’ Journey of Ian Robinson at Chafford Lodge No 5510

Another successful story showing the Pathway scheme is going from strength to strength

Thursday 14th September was a momentous occasion at the Upminster Masonic Centre for the Chafford Lodge No 5510, where members and guests gathered to witness and celebrate the Raising of Ian Robinson to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. It was an evening filled with a deep sense of camaraderie that defines our fraternity. Ian Robinson's Masonic journey is a testament to the success of the Pathway scheme.

Ian has been a shining example of dedication and commitment to the Craft. He has not only embraced Freemasonry but has also become a highly valued member of the Chafford Lodge, embodying their ideals and principles. His journey is proof that the Pathway scheme is instrumental in finding the right home for candidates and nurturing their growth within the fraternity.

His journey has been an inspiration to the members of Chafford Lodge, reminding them why they are part of this ancient and noble institution—to help individuals like Ian to discover their potential and contribute to the betterment of society.

The evening held an added layer of distinction with an official visit from Mark Smith, Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM), who presented Ian with his Master Mason's Pack to support his Masonic education.

Mark’s presence elevated the occasion and symbolized the Province support for Ian’s journey. He shared some valuable insights and his wisdom and experience added depth to the evening, reinforcing the significance of ancient traditions and the importance of nurturing the next generation of Freemasons.

The day was a shining example of how the Pathway scheme and the support of the Masonic community can transform individuals into exemplary Master Masons.

Photo L-R:

Ian Graham, (Master, Chafford Lodge) – Ian Robinson - Mark Smith APGM - Paul Morgan (Provincial Membership Team).