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Essex Freemasons help raise money for Life Saving Equipment.

A direct appeal to the Essex Freemasons helped to raise over £14,000.00 towards a £19,000.00 Portable Ventilator.

Local parents Laura and Richard Mott had already raised a considerable sum through various fundraising endeavours before they reached out to local Freemasons.

In their own words:

“My two year old suffers from life threatening seizures and when unwell it can cause him to stop breathing and always needing medical intervention via IV. Once they start its difficult to be able to stop them. Back in June they were debating about him needing a ventilator and having to make the journey to London's ICU for children or engage a team from The London hospital to travel to Southend. Unfortunately Southend hospital do not have portable ventilator suitable for young children, so it is a case of put them on a ventilator at Southend or move them. This in itself, is dangerous and can cause other issues. What would be good is to put the Children on ventilators and to be able to move them quickly without having to detach them should they need to make that difficult journey into London.

We have been quoted 18k per portable ventilator and I am currently doing charity walks, children’s parties, Scentsy sales and bake sales to get there. Any help would be fantastic. Laura and Richard.“

After hearing Laura and Richards story, Essex Provincial Charity Steward Chris Hicks and his team wasted no time in raising the plight with various local Masonic Lodges, and thanks to the generosity of Southend on Sea lodge, West Essex Lodge, Rochford Hundred Lodge, Thames Mouth Lodge, Quoin Stone Lodge 6481 of London along with the Essex Freemasons Community Trust, The target was soon surpassed, and the Ventilator was delivered to Neptune Ward on 9 May 2023. Staff Training began on the 11th and a full rollout followed the following week.

Vicky Thompson, Paediatric Matron for Southend Hospital, explained how the ventilator worked and how this would benefit the children.

“The Hamilton T1 ventilator will enable us as caregivers to improve the lives of critically ill children and young people at Southend Hospital. Unlike previous transport ventilators which only delivered invasive ventilation,  the new state of the art Hamilton system allows us to extend respiratory care by initiating non-invasive ventilation such as high flow oxygen therapy in the emergency department. The ventilator has a 9 hour battery life which will also enable us to transfer children and young people between hospital departments. The generosity of Laura and her supporters will make a life changing impact on our local community which as a hospital we are eternally grateful for.”

Kayley Donovan, Community Fundraising Manager for Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity also added:

“Once again, we are truly grateful for your generosity and support; it really does make a difference!”

Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation are also looking for donations towards the “Spotlight and Radiotherapy Appeal”. The state-of-the-art piece of equipment highlights the exact area on the body that needs radiotherapy with pinpoint accuracy. The benefits of this equipment and others can be found at:



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Brian McGuinness , Geoff Turpin and, Steve Bruyel (all Essex Freemasons) Laura Mott, Richard Mott, Vicky Thompson (Paediatric Matron)