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Scottish Spirit and Masonic Charity raises over £2000 at local Centre

Hutton Masonic Centre celebrated Burns Night on an evening filled with Scottish tradition, charity and camaraderie.

The event, which was attended by the Essex Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant along with several Chelsea pensioners, was not just an ode to Scottish poet Robert Burns but also the highlight of many Freemasons’ masonic year.

Sibelius lodge provided a fun evening of entertainment, including a bagpiper in traditional Scottish attire who filled the air with classic tunes, setting a festive and authentic tone for the evening. The culinary highlight being an amazing Scottish-themed dinner of Haggis of course.

The event was also a remarkable night for charity, embodying the spirit of Freemasonry’s commitment to community and benevolence.

Overall, the night raised an impressive £2,155 for local charitable causes.

The Burns Night meeting at Sibelius Lodge was not just a celebration of Scottish heritage but also a testament to the values of Freemasonry – fraternity, charity, and tradition.


Pictures: Traditional Piper