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Southend Freemason yachtsman and explorer celebrates 50 years in the Craft

Atlantic solo sailor, North Pole expedition leader and river conservationist given field promotion

On 23rd February 2024 at Southend Masonic Centre, Roy Hart, a purchaser of the Barracuda of Tarrant yacht, a cherished piece of television nostalgia from Howards’ Way, was presented on behalf of Paul Tarrant, the Provincial Grand Master of Essex, with a certificate for 50 years meritorious service and given a field promotion.  

Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Philip Lovelock, presented the certificate, congratulated Roy and promoted him to the rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.  The life of Roy Hart has been no less eventful than two famous Freemasons of Navy Lodge, explorers Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton, who are renowned for their courage, service and comradeship.

Having single-handedly crossed the Atlantic six times, Roy has sailed more than 80,000 nautical miles, on one occasion to Antigua with his wife who is not a keen sailor. Roy has also led an expedition to the North Pole raising £138,000 for charity.  As a keen conservationist, Roy has fought 16 court cases over pollution in the river Crouch, losing only one. He has also sent a letter to HM The King about pollution in the river Wye.

In Freemasonry, Roy became a joining member of Drayton Standard Lodge in 2007 and Worshipful Master in 2012. The Lodge motto is ‘Excellentia Colimus’ which means ‘to cultivate excellence’. Philip Lovelock said “Roy Hart is an extraordinary man” There are almost 300 lodges in the Province of Essex with around 7,500 members who regularly fundraise over £1 million each year for charitable causes, but not usually by leading expeditions to the North Pole to do so.



APGM Philip Lovelock with W Bro Roy Hart