Provincial Grand Master’s Unexpected visit to Nore Lodge No. 3610

Nore Lodge on 11th March had a surprise visit from the Provincial Grand Master (PGM), Paul Tarrant

The brethren present at the Nore Lodge meeting at Saxon Hall on 11th March had a jaw dropping surprise following the opening of the Lodge.  Geoff Turpin, the then Provincial Director of Ceremonies, was admitted and announced that the Provincial Grand Master (PGM), Paul Tarrant, was outside the door of the Lodge and demanded admission. 

This unexpected but, very welcome visit had been kept a secret from all except the General Manager at Saxon Hall, who had been tasked to advise once the brethren were in Lodge. 

The PGM witnessed the initiation of Michael Darby by his father, Trevor, and this is what newly made Brother Michael had to say following the meeting, “Of course, I cannot forget the biggest surprise and honour of the day, the unexpected attendance of the Provincial Grand Master. Sitting outside in the reception area of Saxon Hall waiting for Graham Lamb, the Tyler, to come and get me, I was astounded to see him walk in. I knew who he was straight away… I was thrilled he was there.” Graham said to me, “Your dad is going to be so surprised.” Michael continued, “I cannot tell you what an honour that was for me. Although I’m new to Freemasonry, I do know that this just doesn’t happen. I was further surprised to find out that I was seated next to him at the Festive Board.”  

Also at the meeting, Michael Cowen, a Grand Officer, who was made an honorary member of the Lodge in recognition of his long and distinguished service to the Lodge and the Craft. 

The Lodge meeting was always going to be a special occasion which was made even more so by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, and one that all the brethren, especially Brothers Trevor and Michael, will never forget. 


Top: L to R - Paul Palmer, Paul Tarrant, Barry Stedman, Trevor Darby, Michael Darby, Tony Minns.

Below: L to R - Len Parsons, Paul Tarrant, Mick Cowan, Barry Stedman, Trevor Darby.