Easterford marks contribution to the 2022 Festival

The Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant (PGM) in a private capacity visited Easterford Lodge 2342 received a ceremonial cheque for £53,500.


This represents the contributions from Easterford Lodge and Easterford Chapter to the 2022 Festival. The level of contributions entitled the Lodge to be a Grand Patron of the Festival and the Chapter a Platinum Patron. Additionally, as the payments are made directly to the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) by the Easterford Lodge Benevolent Association the Lodge is consequently a Grand Patron and the Chapter a Patron of the MCF.

Members of Easterford have generously contributed to Festival 2022 through regular payments to the Lodge Charity and include 9 Grand Patrons, 6 Patrons and 16 Vice Patrons.

Charity Steward, Keith Brown said “The visit by the PGM was an opportunity to mark the contribution by Easterford and its members to Festival 2022 which they have supported in a most generous way.”

Photo shows left to right: Rob Lancashire, First Principal of Easterford Chapter : Keith Brown, Lodge Charity Steward : PGM : Mark Lawrence, Worshipful Master.