Freemasons donate £1140 to Maldon Saints Youth Football Club

Maldon Masonic Lodges join in and support Maldon Saints YFC appeal for funding to purchase Defibrillators 

Having seen Maldon Saints YFC appeal for funding to purchase Defibrillators, the Brethren of Mitre Lodge No 9307, (many of whom live in Maldon), decided to donate £500 towards the cost. However, this amount was not sufficient to purchase all that was necessary, so the Secretary of Mitre Lodge asked the Brethren of the Maldon Masonic Lodges if they would join in and also support Maldon Saints YFC with their appeal.

All were pleased to join in, and they were, Lodge of St Peter, Beeleigh Abbey Lodge,

Daen Ingas Lodge, Wheel of Fellowship Lodge, Frederick Leistikow Lodge, Coromandel Chapter, Frederick Leistikow Chapter, and Plume Chapter.

The Grand Total was increased from £500 to £1140 which therefore allows Maldon Saints to buy the Portable Defibrilator and the Training for the members who will operate it.

The Donation was made on Saturday the 4th September by Dave Harrop the Master of Mitre Lodge and Paul Beech the Chairman of Maldon Masonic Hall on behalf of the Maldon Lodges.

Pictured are:-

From the left, Matt Elderton Maldon Saints YFC Fundraiser, Paul Beech Chairman Maldon Masonic Hall, Dave Harrop Worshipful Master Mitre Lodge, Darren Suitmore Chairman Maldon Saints YFC.

Also present from Maldon Saints YFC were Zeta Conway Secretary and Paul Height.