Déjà vue for John Jones 50 years a Royal Arch Mason

John Jones attended his Thames Mouth Chapter 6994, in what he thought was to be a normal meeting but, this was to be far from the truth 

John Jones attended his Thames Mouth Chapter 6994 during Friday 17th June 2022, in what he thought was to be a normal meeting but, this was to be far from the truth and which steered him to an overriding sense of déjà vue.

John received a Chapter accolade at the February convocation celebrating his fifty years in the Royal Arch (RA) although, not actually receiving his Provincial Certificate marking the event as the anniversary of his 50 years was not until two weeks after the meeting - see link below.

Therefore, John was assuming the certificate would be presented by the First Principal, Ian Simpson, at this meeting.

However, following a report, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Joe Shearer was admitted and demanded entrance for the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent (MEGS) Paul Tarrant accompanied by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Elliott Chevin.

John was taken aback together with many of the Chapter members, as this surprise visit, from these highly distinguished visitors was known only to a very few.

The MEGS Paul Tarrant, also an honorary member of the Chapter, presented John with his 50-year RA certificate and went on to recall many of the past members including and importantly, Colin Tarrant, the MEGS father, who proposed John into the Chapter. John was also presented with an original copy of the summons dated 25th February 1972. The moment was thoroughly enjoyed by John and equal respect from all those in attendance, who gave a warming heartfelt round of applause.

The First Principal, Ian Simpson gave thanks to the MEGS for his attendance to such an important event and very proud moment in the history of the Thames Mouth Chapter.

The meeting having concluded, the Provincial officers before departing, enjoyed a relaxed social drink conversing with John and many others.

After which. the members and visitors sat down with wives, partners and friends for the Thames Mouth Chapter first ever, White Table Festive board. The evening was a great success and although informal included another toast to John for his marvellous achievement of ‘50 years a Royal Arch Mason.’