John Jones “A True Companion” 50 Years A Royal Arch Mason

Southend to witness a salute and presentation to John Jones for his 50 years in the Royal Arch

The Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals (APGP) Martin Cook was pleased to attend Thames Mouth Chapter No. 6994 in Saxon Hall, Southend on Friday 11th February 2022 to witness a salute and presentation to John Jones for his 50 years in the Royal Arch.

During the presentation, the First Principal, Ian Simpson noted “John’s major contribution to the Thames Mouth Chapter over the 50 years and to the Royal Arch in general”.

John was exalted into the Chapter during February 1972 and his proposer was Colin Tarrant the father of our current Most Excellent Grand Superintendent (MEGS). A message received from the MEGS, Paul Tarrant, wished John his congratulations but expressed his sincere apologies in not being able to make this special day.

John held the office of First Principal during 1986 and 2012. He was appointed Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (ProvAGDC) in 1992, Past Provincial Grand Sojourner (PPGSoj) in 1996, Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer (PPGSwdB) in 2003 and Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nemiah (PPGSN) in 2008.

In addition to the support of his own Chapter, during 1985 he was also part instrumental in the formation of the Albert Lucking Chapter No. 2717. He along with Companion Robert Mount led the proposal which achieved a very successful conclusion. You can read more about the story by following this link:

The APGP, Martin Cook, explained the Province was unable to present John with a Provincial Certificate marking the event as the anniversary of his 50 years was not until Friday, 25th February, which was in two weeks-time and that it would be presented to him at the Chapter’s next Convocation in June. However, Ian Simpson presented John with the Chapter’s own framed certificate honouring his meritorious services over the years.

In addition, a newspaper designed periodical was presented showing world news and events throughout the 50 years together with a splendid bottle of vintage Port and a bouquet of flowers for John’s wife Janet.

Following a delightful meeting the Festive Board included some more anecdotes from John’s career and the presentation of a ‘stunning’ cake made by David Dann, a Chapter Companion and Master Baker, which was sliced and shared with all those present.

The day can only be summed up with the words of the First Principal, Ian Simpson “John, you are a friend to everyone, and you are a glowing example of not just a Mason, but someone who is closer than a ‘brother’ – a true Companion.”