Nore Give More! Congratulated by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

In the spirit of being a beacon of light helping those in distress, Nore Chapter No 3610 has been congratulated by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

In 1732 the world’s first lightship was moored on the Nore sandbank at the confluence of the River Thames and the North Sea. In the spirit of being a beacon of light helping those in distress, Nore Chapter No 3610 has been congratulated by Paul Tarrant, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent (MEGS) of Essex Royal Arch Masons, and rewarded with a Certificate to mark Nore Chapter’s Double Grand Patron status for the Essex 2022 Festival.

Masonic provinces in England and Wales raise vital funding for one of the UK’s largest charities, the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), through appeals called ‘Festivals’ which normally last for five years. The Essex 2022 Festival with its initial target of £5 million ends in March 2022. The MCF has pledged £7 million pounds to help charities and good causes in Essex. 

At Southend Masonic Hall, on 2nd October 2021, Nore Chapter held its first convocation following lockdown The Companions welcomed David Wilson, an Assistant Principal to the Provincial Grand Principals (APGP) who was proud to present the Chapter with its Double Grand Patron Certificate signed by the MEGS. Due to a family wedding the Chapter Charity Steward, Trevor Darby, was unable to attend but was full of praise saying “A tremendous effort has been made by all the Companions”.

In the wake of the destruction in the Bahamas two years ago Nore Chapter responded swiftly to the Hurricane Dorian appeal   It then supported the paediatric new Scanner appeal of Southend Hospital which now has one of only three in the south east. The impact of the scanner has been hugely positive. In May this year Jacci Dearman, lead paediatric radiographer MRI at Southend Hospital, said “We are light-years ahead in our ability to scan young children”.  Nore Chapter also made a donation to the Friends of Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court care home at Stisted towards the loss of income by not being able to hold its regular summer fete during the pandemic as well as to the Provincial Almoner’s Covid-19 appeal.

How do the Nore Chapter Companions navigate their way against the tide, through all the barriers and shifting sands of fund raising to support four worthy causes and raise the £10,800 needed to qualify for Essex 2022 Festival Double Grand Patron status? Trevor Darby explained that the money has been raised by various ways and means over the last five years including:

  • Individuals giving generously through the Lodge and direct to the Essex 2022 Festival
  • Annual Chapter subscriptions which include a sum for charity
  • Donations through the Relief Chest
  • Raising a sum for the Nore Chapter Centenary in 2017 for a charity chosen by the previous late MEGS which was for the Essex 2022 Festival appeal

Trevor became a Freemason in 1975, was exalted into Nore Chapter in 1987, has twice been the First Principal, in 1992 and 2018, and is a Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (PAGDC). He is also a member of Essex First Principals Chapter No 3256 and Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No 8665. As the Charity Steward at Nore Chapter, Trevor played down his role in all this saying “I am only the conduit for pushing the money through and hopefully there is more to come towards the Essex 2022 Festival”.  

As a guiding light to all other Chapters and Lodges in Essex it is clear for all to see that “Nore Give More.”