Voices and Companionship in Perfect Harmony

On St George’s Day, on behalf of Essex Provincial Grand Chapter, the Deputy Grand Superintendent (DepGSupt) Elliott Chevin presented a 50th Certificate.

which meets at Southend Masonic Centre, Saxon Hall.

Excellent Companion (E Comp) Jeremy was Exalted in Nore Chapter in April 1972, whilst in his 20s, and since then has been an enthusiastic member of the Royal Arch which he loves. As the longest serving Past First Principal of Nore Chapter, Jeremy was Most Excellent Zerubbabel (MEZ) forty-one years ago in 1981 and again in 2017.

With a vibrant subscribing membership today of 32, Jeremy’s contribution over the last fifty years is greatly appreciated by his fellow Companions who presented him with lovely glassware gifts on behalf of Nore Chapter in recognition of his fifty years’ service. 

The DepGSupt also presented a personal letter from the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent (MEGS), Paul Tarrant.  Jeremy was first appointed as Provincial Grand Registrar (ProvGReg) in 1987 and promoted to Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah (PPGSN) in 1998.

For a Companion who loves his Royal Arch with its friendship and colourful ceremony, Jeremy is very pleased to be one of the 40% plus of all Essex Freemasons to have joined the Royal Arch.   

As one who is held in such high esteem by his fellows, Jeremy was absolutely delighted to receive his Certificate, personal letter from the MEGS and the glassware gifts. The occasion was made even more special for him with a wonderful St. George’s Day Chapter Banquet afterwards where the voices and companionship were together in ‘Perfect Harmony’ for Jeremy Davenport.