The Essex 500 INSPIRE Challenge: Best story submitted by a Lodge and Chapter

The best story submitted by a Lodge and Chapter during the month of July will each win £500 for their chosen charity 

During the month of July there will be 2 x £500 prizes up for grabs via the Essex500 INSPIRE Challenge. The best story submitted by a Lodge and Chapter via the INSPIRE Story Creation Wizard will each win £500 for their chosen charity. A team from the Provincial Executive will be the judges.

All submissions will feature as news items on the respective Provincial Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter websites so this is a great opportunity to get your Lodge or Chapter featured. As well as the provincial websites stories get shared via social media, newsletters, risings and they also get submitted to FMT, Essex Mason and beyond for further publication consideration.

It's really simple to take part and any story highlighting the inspirational work we do as Freemasons is welcome. You don't have to be a writing expert either as our INSPIRE Story Creation Wizard has been design in a way to walk anybody through how to create and submit a great story with step by step guidance. There is no sign-up required for this Essex500 challenge as your information gets passed to us as part of the submission process. We will be including any stories submitted during the month of July 2021.

A bit about the INSPIRE project and why we are doing it:

The INSPIRE project and accompanying INSPIRE Story Creation Wizard is all about encouraging the submission of Interesting News Stories from around the Province that Inspire Reader Engagement.

I - Interesting

N - News

S - Stories

P - [from the] Province

I - [that] Inspire

R - Reader

E - Engagement

We are doing it because good stories INSPIRE all readers, be it potential recruits or existing members.

Every freemason with a good story to share deserves to have it told and the INSPIRE project makes that possible in a simple and convenient way.

To get started with your story simply click this link: INSPIRE Story Creation Wizard