Rochford Hundred Lodge ‘dive deep’ and achieve a successful meeting

Rochford Hundred Lodge call on their Junior Deacon and former submariner for some in-depth help

The best laid plans can always be upset and challenging for any Lodge but, for the Rochford Hundred Lodge No. 8922 meeting on the 1st March 2024, at the Rochford Masonic Centre they dived deep with their challenge and achieved a truly engaging evening with a presentation of life aboard a submarine.

Two days prior the meeting, having been informed that their prospective candidate would not be able to attend, an alternative schedule was needed and quick. The Junior Deacon, Mark Turner, was approached and asked if he could give a talk about his experiences in Royal Navy submarines as a Chief Petty Officer. Never one to be phased by a challenge Mark stepped up.

What transpired for both the lodge members and visitors was exceptional, with Mark’s first-hand accounts from raw recruit in training to globetrotting as a highly qualified engineer, transported all those present, into the intriguing world beneath the waves. He offered insights into the complexities of submarine operations from navigating treacherous waters to confronting the realities of life and death in confined spaces. Mark's presentation was both educational and riveting.

The presence of fellow lodge members and submariners, Peter Ford and John Havis added a profound depth to the gathering, enriching understanding and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie.

Rochford Hundred Lodge can be justly proud of their Junior Deacon and former submariner Mark, for his presentation and completing it within the deadline of 48 hours. This would make a very interesting presentation at any lodge meeting – please contact the Rochford Hundred Lodge Secretary whose details can be found by diving in the Provincial Handbook at Library (


Top (L-R): Three Ex Submariners - Peter Ford, John Havis, Mark Turner with the Master of the Lodge, John Porter.