Scottish Spirit at Sibelius Lodge’s Burns Night

An evening filled with Scottish tradition, superb dining, charity and camaraderie

Sibelius Lodge No. 9448's annual Burns Night celebration, held at the Hutton Masonic Centre, was an evening filled with Scottish tradition, charity and camaraderie. The event, graced by the presence of PGM Paul Tarrant and several Chelsea pensioners, was not just an ode to Scottish poet Robert Burns but also the highlight of many Freemasons’ masonic year. It featured a double initiation ceremony, a feast, games and impressive charitable contributions.

The lodge, known for its tradition and its warm, welcoming atmosphere, saw the initiation of two new members, Bruce Hurton and Richard Pugh. In keeping with the lodge's customs, Past Masters conducted the ceremony with WBro Paul McGuinness and WBro Steve Morris heading the initiation rituals, while WBro John Hubbard presented the white gloves to the new initiates.

Adding to the Scottish flair, a bagpiper in traditional Scottish attire filled the air with classic tunes, setting a festive and authentic tone for the evening. The culinary highlight was an amazing Scottish-themed dinner, starting with haggis, a nod to Burns himself. The main course featured a grand spectacle as large cuts of beef were served at each table, carved by designated carvers in a display of communal spirit and feasting.

The event was also a remarkable night for charity. The raffle successfully raised an astounding £1,400. An auction for a hand-carved toby jug added £90 to the charity fund, while a boat trip auction further contributed £170. The highlight of the charity efforts was the 'Bernie Box' game, ingeniously created by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro Bernie Smith. The game, which involved buying tickets to attempt opening a locked box, with half the proceeds going to charity, and half going into the locked box. W.Bro Iain Thompson was the lucky winner of the boxes content totalling £595. Iain generously donated £495 of his winnings to charity, embodying the spirit of Freemasonry’s commitment to community and benevolence. Overall, the night raised an impressive £2,155 for charitable causes.

The Burns Night meeting at Sibelius Lodge No. 9448 was not just a celebration of Scottish heritage but also a testament to the values of Freemasonry – fraternity, charity, and tradition.


Top: Initiates Bruce Hurton and Richard Pugh with the Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant and members of Sibelius Lodge

Left: Traditional Burns Night Piper

Right: In addition to Haggis, a generous helping of Beef was carved for every table