The Future is bright at Ambresbury Lodge as they welcome new Pathway Applicant

An exciting first Initiation for Ambresbury Loge No. 5099 since 2019 sets the stage for an exciting future

On the 16th of September 2023, Loughton Masonic Centre was the regular venue for Ambresbury Lodge No. 5099 as they Initiated their first new member since 2019.

Neil Armstrong, the Lodge's Membership Officer, has worked hard at creating a Pathway profile and promoting his Lodge and Freemasonry in general, and was pleased to be able to propose Ian Grimes into the Craft.  

The work performed was perfectly conducted by Ivor Middleburg the Worshipful Master. The Deacons, Trevor Armstrong and Wayne Hickey, performed their roles impressively. As did the Wardens, Patrick and Oliver Behan. The Working Tools were presented well by Group Membership Officer for Loughton, Grant Tufton. The Charge was delivered impeccably by Neil Armstrong. Then in a rare treat for the Initiate and another recent entrant into Freemasonry who was present, Colin Hellyer delivered a remarkable and highly engaging rendition of the First Degree Tracing Board.  

This fantastic meeting at Ambresbury Lodge was a resounding success and heralds the start of what is sure to be a new and vibrant period for the Lodge. As not only did they welcome a new Brother but also all of the regular progressive Officers in the Lodge are ‘light blues’, which means all have yet to receive Provincial honours and are at the early stages of their Masonic journey.