Fantastic and fun event for two groups of young Essex Freemasons

Camaraderie and brotherhood shored-up in Shoreditch as £400 is raised for charity.

The Essex Cornerstone Club is for young Freemasons up to and including 40 years of age. The Essex Light Blues Association (ELBA) has no upper age limit and is for new Freemasons and the young-at-heart who wear the light blue apron and have yet to be appointed to a provincial rank in the Province of Essex.

A joint social evening on Friday 26th January, saw the two groups come together in what was nothing short than an absolutely fantastic and fun evening, which started early and carried on well into the night. The event which was organised by Cornerstone members Paul Williams and Sam Conner and ELBA members Jamie Barton, Dave Barton and Ian Graham. It was the first in what will most certainly be a regular event.

Members from both clubs came from across Essex to meet existing friends and make new ones in the bright and cheerful ‘Brew Dog’ Bar in Shoreditch, and no get-together would be complete without the customary whip-round for charity.  Helped in no small way with a rousing speech by the inimitable Bernie Smith, £400 was raised and shared between two worthy causes the ‘Cornerstone Foundation’ and ‘Get Started Art’.

ELBA Chairman Jamie Barton said “I’m so excited about how well tonight has gone, it’s fantastic to see so many new and young Essex Freemasons coming together with the only aim of having a bit of fun and to raise a bit of money for good causes. This is really an exciting time for the Light Blues and I’m so proud to be part of it. This is only our second event and already our numbers are building and interest in future events is growing.” Cornerstone members Paul Williams and Sam Connor agreed and added “It was a night filled with togetherness, fellowship and an overwhelming sense of positivity.”

There are many long-serving members who look back fondly and remember all the fun and enjoyment Freemasonry has given them and the lifelong friendships they have made over the years. Friendship is one of the four key values of Freemasonry alongside Service, whether fundraising or volunteering to make a valuable difference to the lives of others in the community. Service is at the heart of Freemasonry.


Top: Camaraderie at its finest as the younger Freemasons of the Cornerstone Club and the Essex Light Blues Association members celebrate together