Working Wonders of the Provincial Junior Grand Warden

Congratulations to Paul Harris who was invested as the Provincial Junior Grand Warden (ProvJGW) at the Provincial Grand Lodge Annual Meeting

Congratulations to Paul Harris who was invested as the Provincial Junior Grand Warden (ProvJGW) at the Provincial Grand Lodge Annual Meeting on 23rd March 2023. Paul, who has been a Provincial Group Almoner and Deputy Provincial Grand Almoner, is the Secretary and a Trustee, of the Essex Provincial Charity Fund (EPCF), the Essex Freemasons’ Community Fund (EFCF) and the Essex Provincial Almoner's (EPAF) Fund.  His Almoner role involved working closely with the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) and visiting Brethren, Widows and Orphans all over the Province providing assistance, where needed.

When Paul was appointed as Secretary of the EPCF and EPAF, he was involved in converting each to be a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  When it was proposed that the Province create the EFCF he was asked to assist in its formation. Paul said, “I think it was an excellent idea as it has done a lot for Essex Charities particularly through the matched funding of donations from Lodges and Chapters as well as making direct grants.”

Paul has also been Secretary of his mother lodge, Hadleigh Castle Lodge No. 5447, and for a number of years was Secretary of the largest lodge in the UK, Essex Masters Lodge No 3256, a role that he has recently handed over.  With its introduction, Paul was appointed as the Hermes Chairman for Essex and works with an excellent team of volunteers who provide support and guidance to Secretaries and Scribes.

The introduction by UGLE of Hermes has not been easy and as with all new IT systems there have been some issues in adjusting to a new way of doing things, but these are being addressed and as the users become more familiar with the systems the feedback is becoming very positive.  It will be a very good system and is the way we will work in the future.

In his role as Secretary of Essex Masters, Paul enjoyed visiting many other Past Masters lodges in all the local Provinces and now in his new role as ProvJGW, the APGMs will each allow him to represent them on a number of visits, so he is looking forward to making many visits to Essex lodges.

His son, Phil, newly appointed on 25th March 2023 as Inner Guard and Assistant Secretary at the Hadleigh Castle Lodge, was also at Freemasons’ Hall. Phil said, “I came to support Dad. I do enjoy the fact that we have a shared hobby.” 

It was Phil’s first visit to Great Queen Street having recently been Raised and he was very impressed by the Grand Temple and the whole Provincial ceremony.  Phil added, “It was also great to see so many other brethren supporting those being appointed and promoted.”


Top: Paul Harris

Below: Paul with son Phil at Great Queen Street