Essex Cornerstone

The Essex Cornerstone club has been established to help connect young Freemasons who are spread across the Province of Essex (up to and including 40 years of age). Representing the views of the younger generation of Freemasons, we hope to help shape the future of Masonry.

The Club was established in 2016 and has become an established part of Freemasonry in Essex. We also have our own lodge: The Essex Cornerstone Lodge No. 9968.
Each month various social and educational opportunities are organised that compliment lodge and Provincial activities, and help members make the most of their Masonic journey. From providing support to new initiates through our New Masons evenings, to fun events like go-karting and brewery tours, and hosting talks on various masonic orders, we strive to provide something for all. The highlight for our members is always our legendary Annual Members Dinners.
We are a pioneering New and Young Masons Club within the English Constitution, embracing new opportunities, such as holding virtual events, and creating our own Podcast – Talking Freemasonry. 

We are also the only New and Young Mason Club to Consecrate our own Craft Lodge – The Essex Cornerstone Lodge No. 9968 – which all of our members are free to join. Our Club is a wonderful way of connecting young Freemasons across the whole Province. It’s a great way to engage new, young initiates and enable to them to feel part of the wider masonic community. We are always looking forward to welcoming new members.

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