Essex Light Blues

"Enjoy your Freemasonry with friends and family"
Essex Light Blues Association - for light blues by light blues!

If you are and Essex Freemason and aged 41 or over and have not yet been appointed to Provincial Rank you are invited to join us.

Our aim is simple, to provide Essex light blue brethren with their own association and a private Facebook group which will provide opportunities for them to socialise.
Through the Essex Light Blues Facebook group likeminded masons from across Essex will be able to make arrangements to get togethers or make plans to visit another lodge for the first time, as well as meeting new friends at social, sporting or charity events. Partners and families are welcome to join in.

In fact you can propose any event or get-together that interests you and if others fancy it they can join in. Membership is open to new and experienced Essex Masons who have not been appointed to Provincial Grand Rank and who are aged 40 or over. You can join for a one-off-administration fee of £5 and will receive an Essex Light Blues Badge to wear at lodges. You will also get access to the private Facebook group page where all the activities, including your own, will be posted.

The launch Chairman is W.Bro Dave Hawtin (our link man with Province), The Treasurer is W.Bro Gary Clatworthy and the Secretary is Bro Colin Corby. For more information please email our Secretary.