Worshipful Brother Alan died peacefully in the morning of 23 September 2020 after a period of not being well, with his family by his side. Born on 23 July 1944 he had not long celebrated his 76th birthday.  As an Essex Freemason he was one of our very best.

Having started his Essex Masonic career in July 1971 with Undine Lodge it was only natural with his outgoing personality and generosity to others that Alan was destined to enjoy Freemasonry to the full himself whilst encouraging many others to do the same.

He became a Joining member of Saint Cedd Lodge in 1977, Essex Masters in 1985, Bear and Ragged Staff in 2005 and North Essex Masters’ in 2017, as well as being a Founder member of two specialist lodges, the Lodge of Enlightenment in 1994, a lodge for Secretaries and Treasurers and the Lodge of Daily Advancement in 2019, a demonstration and research lodge. He served as Worshipful Master six times and held many senior offices in these Lodges.

Excellent Companion Alan was also very active in Holy Royal Arch Masonry since being exalted in June 1988 in Undine Chapter and becoming MEZ in 1996. He joined Essex First Principals in 1999 and became Treasurer in 2003.  He was also a Founder member of both Upminster Daylight Chapter and Chapter of Enlightenment and in November 2011 was installed as MEZ in both.

In 1990 Alan was first honoured with active Provincial Rank as Provincial Senior Grand Deacon and following a further two Provincial promotions became an Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 2005, an Office in which he served until March 2014. Alan was honoured with Grand Rank in 2003 as Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies and promoted to Past Senior Grand Deacon in 2006.

One aspect of Freemasonry Alan particularly enjoyed was his membership of Le Touquet Loge No 89 in the Province of Flanders under the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise (GLNF) from 2000-2012, in which he was installed as Master in 2004. Whilst presiding over the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Loge, the GLNF Provincial Grand Master surprised him by announcing his appointment to Past Provincial Grand Deacon at the Festive Board.

Another not quite so enjoyable aspect was his sadness at the coming to an end after 110 years of Undine Lodge but Alan ensured that that the name would live by arranging for the Lodge of Daily Advancement to acquire much of the Undine Lodge equipment and regalia. Alan dearly appreciated the 10 Lodges which made him an Honorary member, West Essex Meridian, Holland on Sea, Faircross, Waltham Abbey, Tudor, Cromwell, Upminster Hall, Round Table of Essex, Stanstead Mountfitchet and Corinthian Centenary.

At heart Alan was modest man who much preferred to see credit given to others who had also made a valuable contribution to Freemasonry. Throughout his 49 years in the Craft, Alan earned considerable respect from all those who knew him and will forever be held in high esteem in their thoughts and memories.

Alan’s Ranks in Craft and Holy Royal Arch Freemasonry in Essex

14 July 1971
Initiated - Undine Lodge No 3394
28 November 1981
Master - Saint Cedd Lodge No 6519
10 October 1984
Master - Undine Lodge
25 June 1988
Exalted - Undine Chapter No 3394
22 March 1990
Provincial Senior Grand Deacon
21 March 1991
Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon
20 September 1994
Founder - Lodge of Enlightenment No 9550
09 March 1996
MEZ - Undine Chapter,
20 March 1997
Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer
29 June 2000
Provincial Grand Treasurer, HRA
30 April 2003
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
08 October 2003
Master - Undine Lodge
01 September 2005
Assistant Provincial Grand Master
26 April 2006
Past Senior Grand Deacon
03 July 2006
Founder - Upminster Daylight Chapter 9788
04 September 2008
Provincial Grand Scribe N
29 April 2010
Past Grand Standard Bearer, HRA
22 October 2010
Master - Bear and Ragged Staff Lodge No 8527
16 November 2010
Founder - Chapter of Enlightenment No 9550
02 November 2011
MEZ - Upminster Daylight Chapter No 9788
16 November 2011
MEZ - Chapter of Enlightenment No 9550
22 November 2014
Master – Saint Cedd Lodge No 6519
16 July 2019
Founder and Primus Master - Lodge of Daily Advancement No 9979