Albert Lucking Lodge No. 2717 celebrate their 125-year Anniversary

Consecrated in 1898 the Albert Lucking celebrate their 125 years in splendid style

At the Southend Masonic Centre during October 21st October 2023, the Albert Lucking Lodge No. 2717 held its installation meeting and also celebrated its 125-year Anniversary.

The meeting was attended by Philip Lovelock, Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM) escorted by Chris Sullivan, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies (ProvDepGDC), together with a Provincial retinue of Sword Bearer, Standard Bearers and Deacons.

Following the installation of Graeme MacCormack as Worshipful Master (WM), Stuart James, colloquially known as the lodge historian, gave a brief address of the history of the lodge over the 100 years. He held back from talking about the last 25 years as he had produced a booklet suitably entitled ‘Our next 25 years’ of which everyone attending received a copy. 

To add to the celebration the WM, presented to the APGM a donation for the Essex Provincial Masonic Charity of £10,000. Philip thanked the lodge for this extremely generous amount and called on Mike Hall, Assistant Provincial Charity Steward, who gave an informative address on how some of the money will be spent.  


The next part of the meeting was totally unscripted as the ProvDepGDC, requested the Secretary of the lodge, Paul Thurgood to be presented to the APGM. Philip, explained for Paul’s many years of tireless work as secretary, and in particular for his part in arranging this meeting, on behalf of Paul Tarrant, the Provincial Grand Master honoured Paul with a Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden collar. Paul was suitable shocked but, in expressing his thanks said this was a surprise indeed but he was justly proud and received a rousing round of applause.     

102 brethren sat down for a hearty festive board that followed and all received an anniversary gift of an engraved pen.

Celebrating significant birthdays is always a great occasion and this meeting certainly followed that theme which will be remembered by all, for many years to come.



Top: The WM, Graeme McCormack (centre standing) with the members of the Lodge.

Left: Philip Lovelock and Graeme McCormack (centre left & right) with the Provincial retinue.

Right: Presenting of the cheque by the WM to the APGM.