‘From a Centre Point in a Circle’ – a Message to all Essex Masons

Get Started with a new inspirational initiative gaining momentum across Essex to help small groups in local communities.

Derived from the Sanskrit for circle with a centre point, mandalas have long been used for mindfulness and can also help stimulate brain activity and improve fine motor skills. Research has shown that colouring helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

£6,000 donated by the Essex Freemasons Community Fund has kick-started a new project, which is already being distributed to seven NHS hospitals throughout Essex and has now been extended to over 15 local charities and community groups supporting children with autism and learning difficulties, adults suffering with mental health, stroke survivors, as well the elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Jointly funded by Art Charity ‘Get Started Art’ and six Masonic lodges supporting the newly established Cross Keys Community Fund in Thurrock, four thousand Art Therapy Colouring books were delivered last week. Within 48 hours 1,000 had been given to the NHS for distribution via the Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity hub in Basildon and a further 1,000 to 15 other groups as well as over 10,000 colouring pencils. The Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Care Essex have also been donated with enough of the colourful books to cover all day centres in the County, covering Braintree, Maldon, and Colchester among others.

On Saturday 21st October, at a charity ball held at Langdon Hills Golf and Country Club in Upminster, another £3,100 was raised towards the new initiative. Well known to many Essex Freemasons, Lee Taylor and Charles Elliott, who were both there, offered to help promote the inspirational initiative across the Province.

More donations from Lodges will allow more books to be printed and distributed. With the involvement of the NHS, Alzheimer’s Society, and various specialty units for children with special educational needs or learning disabilities, it is clearly a much-needed incentive that can reach many.

What is also needed now are details of other local community groups across the County which could benefit. Each one of these special Art Therapy Colouring Books bears the Essex Provincial Grand Lodge logo and has varying degrees of mandalas. Visit News (getstartedart.com) and please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you know of any local group which can benefit from a supply of Art Therapy Colouring books and pencils so that they can help so many others in your area and across Essex feel better by starting from ‘a centre point in a circle’.


Top (L-R): David Barton, Mick Draper, Lee Taylor, Charles Elliott and Chris Bushell at the Charity Ball

Middle-Left (L-R): David Barton, Emma Morgan at the Mid and South Essex Hospitals Chairty desk

Middle-Centre: Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Care Essex residents

Middle-Right: Excited staff and pupils at Treetops School

Bottom: Packs of colouring books and pencils ready to distribute