“Yes, I promise I will call you when I get there . . . . Brother Secretary”

Confirmed with a call from Clare: Fraternity, Family and strong Friendship in Frituna

For nearly two decades, W.Bro David Crowley PPAGReg (Suffolk) LGR had been a permanent guest of his late brother-in-law, W. Bro Charles Smith, of Frituna Lodge No 2949 which meets at the Frinton and Walton Masonic Hall.  Living in Clare, Suffolk, and a member of Royal Clarence Lodge No. 1823, in 2010 David was finally persuaded to join Frituna Lodge in the hope he would accept Mastership and he was Installed in 2016.

With the rarest of absences, David has made the 100-mile round trip for over 30 years demonstrating a unique level of support and commitment to the work and membership of the Lodge. This, exemplified during his year in the Chair with attendance at most LOIs.

Since the sad passing of W. Bro Charles Smith in April 2022 it would have been understandable if David had chosen to consolidate with a more convenient and local masonic life. 

Always willing to ‘step-in’ when late apologies are received from others, David was appointed Chaplain in 2022. In the Lodge, he is a column of support and a pillar of quality but there is much more, he is an integral part of the Lodge family. When family members and close friends take their leave, it is usually with the promise of confirming their safe arrival home. Likewise, the Lodge requires David to confirm his safe arrival home to Secretary Alan Keyte.

Frituna Lodge trusts to benefit from this masonic exemplar for many years to come.


Top (L-R): Peter Low, Brian Foulkes, Maurice Court, Rick Wilson, WM shaking hands with David Crowley, David Telling, JW, and Alan Keyte the Lodge Secretary.