Arthur Channon, Master Mason celebrates 70 years in the Craft

Blackwater Lodge celebrates a momentous occasion for their long serving member

A recent meeting of the Blackwater Lodge No. 1977 held at the St Giles Masonic Centre in Colchester, was a very special occasion for Arthur Channon who was celebrating his 70 years in the craft.

Robert Eels, Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM), was in attendance to present Arthur with his 70-year certificate and a personal letter from the Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant.

Arthur was initiated into the Blackwater Lodge on 11th January 1954 and although never wanting to hold any office he has been an outstanding freemason and a stalwart of the lodge. Assisting the numerous Assistant Secretaries over the years in performing their duties and happy to help newer members with his supportive experience and regularly acting as the Candidate at the Lodge rehearsal evenings.

When Arthur celebrated his 50-years anniversary – 20 years ago – he was made an honorary member of the lodge.

At his 60 years the then APGM said, ‘that Arthur was thought of, as a true craftsman, not just for his freemasonry but for his lifelong work as a Precision Metal Engineer.’ Paul Humphrey recounted that during his time acting in the office of Provincial Director of Ceremonies he asked Arthur if he could make eight bronze end pieces for placing on the Provincial Director of Ceremonies wands. These were duly created by Arthur and are still in use today within the Province.

Arthur was also exalted into the Blackwater Chapter in 1955 where he has been equally supportive and during 2016 the Province honoured him with Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer.  

Celebrating members achieving 70 years of service in the Craft is a rare event but, so welcome with the likes of Arthur Channon.


Top (L-R): Robert Eels, APGM - Arthur Channon - Richard Saunders, Worshipful Master.