Clacton Masonic Centre Car Park cleared to strengthen Community ties

Colvin Memorial Temple car park cleared to make way to extend community transport relationship

Various members of Lodges that meet at the Clacton Masonic Centre (Colvin Memorial Temple) came together across the last weekend, in response to a call to arms from our Temple Chairman, Worshipful Brother (WBro) Jeff Palmer.

The plan was to completely clear the rear parking lot, in preparation of potentially extending the arrangement the Temple has with a local community transport provider.

The borders of the lot were completely overgrown and a number of pot holes had developed, so in an effort to make it more usable, members came together under the expert supervision of some members from the building trade.  As can be seen, the transformation was quite a significant one.

WBro Jeff Palmer, Temple Chairman, working alongside all the volunteers said, “I am amazed at how much we were all able to achieve in such a short time.  With such heavy machinery being operated on site, safety was of paramount concern, but I was really proud of how well everyone worked together."

Jeff went on to say, “The effort of Brethren of various abilities, just mucking in together throughout the weekend was hugely appreciated. There is a lot more we can do both inside and outside at our centre, but it’s clear all the brethren have a real desire to pitch in together to help.”

A great effort by all.

From Martello Lodge No. 7121:  Tony Wood, Darren Penny, Jeff Palmer, Ryan Coombs, Sam Sherwin and Peter Dawson.

From Clactonian Lodge No. 8939: Gerald Forshaw, Andy Liddle, Steve Pepperell, Darren Sparrow and Roger Looker.

From Colvin Lodge No. 5374: Simon Rollins and Les Morgan.

And the author of this News item: Alan Penny


Top: (Back Row L-R) Simon Rollings, Tony Wood, (Front Row L-R) Darren Penny, Roger Looker, Gerald Forshaw, Sam Sherwin

Left: Peter Dawson

Right: (L-R) Jeff Palmer, Tony Wood

Bottom: (Inset L-R) Les Morgan, Alan Penny, Darren Penny, Andy Liddle