Johnson Beharry VC to join The Provincial Almoners’ Lodge

The Essex Almoners' Lodge - Richard Clowes No 2936 to gain distinguished Freemason

An Almoner is key to providing care to our Masonic members, their families, widows, dependents and resigned Freemasons who may be experiencing difficulties in their life.

Freemasonry encompasses the basic principle of caring for others. For centuries, Freemasons have supported orphans, the sick, the elderly and many others during times of distress. One of the core values instilled in each member is the importance of looking after the welfare of fellow Freemasons and their loved ones.

Central to the provision of Masonic pastoral care is the lodge or chapter almoner, originally appointed to look out for Freemasons who fell ill, and to act as a source of support and contact for the widows of deceased members over the festive season.

At the forthcoming Installation Meeting of The Provincial Almoners’ Lodge, Richard Clowes No. 2936 at Harlow Masonic Hall in September, Johnson Beharry VC will be proposed as a joining member. 

He has provisionally accepted an invitation to serve as Junior Warden with a view to being Installed as Worshipful Master in September 2024.  With meetings at Harlow, Southend and Colchester, the Lodge provides an informal setting for lodge and chapter Almoners and their deputies to meet regularly and discuss all matters ‘almoner’ and suitable lectures or presentations are arranged for each meeting.

Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) Johnson Beharry VC is the Deputy Almoner of Queensman Lodge No. 2694. He is involved in charities and is the founder of the JBVC Foundation which helps young people involved in gang culture rebuild their lives and futures.

Having joined the British Army at the age of 21, while serving with the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment in Iraq his armoured Warrior vehicle fell into a trap and his colleagues were significantly injured. He drove under the enemy fire and saved their lives.

After that incident, he was soon caught in another trap, which caused severe head injuries to him and his crew. In a display of extreme courage, he drove out of the ambush before losing consciousness. While still recovering from brain surgery, Johnson Beharry was awarded the Victoria Cross.


HRH The Duke of Kent, The Grand Master and WO2 Johnson Beharry VC