Initiation ceremony and Grand Lodge Certificate in one meeting

Candidate Joe Kavanagh explains the First Degree Working Tools to himself at East Saxon Lodge

At Chelmsford Masonic Hall on 14th December 2023, The Worshipful Master (WM) of East Saxon Lodge No. 7053, Steve Phillips welcomed Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM) Geoff Turpin and his escorting officer, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies (ProvDepGDC), Chris Sullivan.  

As the intended candidate was unable to make the meeting, the WM continued but with a demonstration of the ceremony of Initiation. He was assisted by Liam Devine who stepped down from Senior to Junior Deacon and Nicky Scarborough who delivered the Charge. All gave first class performances but the star of the evening was Joe Kavanagh, who was only Raised in October. Joe was voluntold as the acting candidate for the ceremony in which he presented an outstanding explanation of the First Degree Working Tools to himself.

Joe said “I enjoyed learning the ritual and look forward to progressing in the Lodge.” He added “Ideally I would like to experience every Office on the way to the Master’s Chair.” In a small lodge, that may not always be possible but being motivated as a Steward and then doing well as Inner Guard, Junior Deacon and Junior Warden will lay firm foundations to be a successful Worshipful Master.    

What is most encouraging is that a new young Freemason has an interest in the ritual and understands that each Degree has a set of Working Tools with a symbolic meaning and is prepared to work hard, starting with the first meeting after his Raising.

East Saxon may be a small lodge but the Worshipful Master, the Officers and all the Members are consistently exemplary in endeavouring to maintain as high a standard as possible and in encouraging an enthusiasm for Freemasonry as is found in their new Master Mason.   

Likewise, Joe Kavanagh could not have wished for a better role model than APGM Geoff Turpin to welcome him into Essex Freemasonry and present him with his  Grand Lodge Certificate.

For Geoff Turpin, a Past Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies (PProvGDC), it was his first occasion to present the Certificate to a Master Mason.  Whilst there is no formal ritual for the presentation he was well prepared and explained the meanings of the many symbols in a readily understood and companionable way.  This was well received by Joe and appreciated by everyone present, which bodes well for Geoff Turpin in his role as an APGM serving the Province.  


Top (L-R): Chris Sullivan ProvDepGDC, Joe Kavanagh, Geoff Turpin APGM