WM of Warner Lodge No. 2256, Jon Holman, says ‘Welcome Brother’

Amazing experiences only found in Freemasonry lay ahead for Brother Matt at a special initiation

At Chingford Masonic Centre on 12th December 2023, the Worshipful Master (WM) of Warner Lodge No. 2256, Jon Holman, had great pleasure in welcoming Paul Harris, the Provincial Junior Grand Warden (ProvJGW), and Graham Dickerson, a Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master (PAPGM) and 36 members and guests.  This was also a special family occasion as Jon initiated his brother, Matt, into the Lodge

Warner Lodge has a noble history. The Lodge Warrant was signed ‘Albert Edward GM’ in 1888 by the then Grand Master, the late HRH The Prince of Wales, who became King Edward VII. Among the Past Masters in the Lodge is Jim McCreadie, also a PAPGM, whose informative and interesting article ‘The Royal Role on Grand Lodge Certificates’ is well worth viewing. Click on the link to see this at  Essex Mason Magazine (essexfreemasons.org.uk) Issue 94, pages 4 and 5.

Another Past Master, is APGM Geoff Turpin, who has continually held Office in the Lodge before and since being Master, in 2004, until this year. APGM Geoff said “It was marvellous to see the WM, Jon Holman, initiate his brother into the Lodge, particularly as Jon is one of the first light blue Masters we have had for some time.” It seems the future is beginning to auger well for Warner Lodge, as Geoff added “It was also nice to see a number of Brethren we have not seen for a while.”

Paul Harris, the ProvJGW, presented Matt Holman with an Initiate’s pack which includes a welcome from the Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant, together with an ‘Initiates Guide’ which is an introduction to Freemasonry and an explanation of the ceremony they have just been through. Also included is helpful information from the Provincial Communications Team and the Provincial Grand Mentor (ProvGMen) plus the words to the opening and closing odes. Appropriately the ProvGMen, Russell Keetch, is a member of Warner Lodge and joined everyone else in congratulating Matt into Freemasonry.

Many will also recognise another Lodge member, Chris Sullivan, who is one of three Provincial Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies (ProvDepGDC). Each is appointed for three years and Chris is in his first year.  Currently escorting three APGMs, who each have about 40 official visits per year, of which Chris will attend to around 50% i.e. a total of around 60 escort visits each year.

Escorting Paul Harris on this official visit was Paul Williams, a Provincial Grand Steward (ProvGStwd) who is a member of the Provincial Communications Team and puts in a good shift helping Peter Low, the Provincial Grand Communications Officer (ProvGCO), and Lee Zetter with upgrading and maintaining the newly combined Craft and Royal Arch Provincial website at Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex (essexfreemasons.org.uk).

When Passed and Raised to be a Master Mason, Matt Holman  will have all the fun and friendship found in Freemasonry especially in the Royal Arch Royal Arch (essexfreemasons.org.uk) and the newly established  Essex Light Blue Association (Essex Light Blues) | Facebook as well as the journey through different Offices to the Master’s Chair. All these are amazing experiences only found in Freemasonry.


Top (L-R): Paul Williams (ProvGStwd), Jay Naik, David Nunes, Paul Berry, Russell Keetch (ProvGMen), John Wallace, Paul Harris (ProvJGW), Chris Sullivan (ProvDepGDC), Matt Holman (Initiate), John Singh, Jon Holman (WM), Steve Black, Geoff Turpin (APGM), Neil Sullivan, Eamon Cullinan.