Macnab Challenge Night Fires Masonic Entertainment into Stratosphere

Essex’s shooting and fishing lodge hosted 90 Masonic and non-masonic guests at Hutton – Shenfield

This year’s theme, held on the 16th of November, for Macnab Lodge No. 10017, who meet 5 times per year, showcased sporting thematic freemasonry, including representation from Lodge of XV (Rugby), Cricket Lodge of Essex and the soon to be consecrated Golf Lodge.

A drinks reception was held for all attendees pre a brief lodge meeting, whilst non-masons mingled with masonic representatives in Hutton’s splendid Revell Suite.

The night was designed to be fun, informative with plenty of events demonstrating the fraternal bonds of friendship and enjoyment Macnab Lodge provides. Upon the lodge closing non-masonic guests were invited into the temple for an introduction to freemasonry by APGM Colin Felton and brief presentations by the other sporting lodges.

With the formalities over guests geared up for the evening’s entertainment which included the Legendary “Fish Race” (which involved 90 men shouting at fish on wheels), an indoor shooting competition on Macnab’s very own professional 13x 9ft indoor simulator, Prize draws, raffle, and then to top that a Festive Board which included some uniquely chosen musical pieces! The cherries on top of all of this were Bernie Smith’s “Address to the Salmon” which was superbly performed with his usual electrifying and sonorous style, and finally Miki Travis’s comedic performance which enraptured the room with side-stiches and verbose howls of laughter.

Macnab also showcased, in what was a first, a unique charity format where the sporting lodges and a representative non-mason each chose their specific charities. Each charity then received £100 to that cause which was gratefully received. The raffle, the proceeds of the Fish Race all in all raised £1200 on the night – a bumper sum!

Prizes galore were also distributed to the Winners of the Fish Race – Macnab’s Master Elect Dave Purches, Shooting Competition Mr Lewis Trail and other prizes for eclectic reasons!

Macnab’s aim was to showcase “Fresh, Fun, Thematic Freemasonry” to craft members and non-members alike, to really capture the spirit of modern freemasonry, that of great ritual and the energetic, engaging, enjoyable social aspect which left every attendee smiling come the close of the evening.

One mason - who hadn’t been active in the craft for 20 years - summed up the evening by saying, “This has been an evening that blew away all my expectations, if this is what Freemasonry has evolved to, sign me up again!”

Macnab’s PR officer commented on the evening, “It’s been a lot of planning, months in advance and I thank all the team involved for their hard work in executing such a first rate event, we’ve achieved what we set out to do – showcase Macnab’s ethos, enlighten prospective members to the craft, and above all have a stellar night which left everyone feeling genuinely happy!”

The Lodge looks forward to it’s January installation where current founding member and Worshipful Master Rob Hollier will end his very successful year and hand over to Dave Purches to build upon the 2022 season.


Charities supported on the evening:

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance | Your Local Life-Saving Charity (

Chance to Shine

The Golf Trust

If you’re interested in Joining Macnab or any of Essex’s sporting lodges please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Macnab’s next Showcase event will be November 2024.


Top: A real lively social environment for Masons and non-Masons alike

Left (L-R): The Cricketers, Vic Britton, David Awcock, Chris Hicks, Alvyn Bysouth

Right: Bernie Smith and the famous 'Ode to the Salmon'

Bottom (L-R): Neil Anthony and Alvyn Bysouth with a presentation for the shooting competition