Seven new members, and one amazing year

Sam Connor reveals the appealing ingredients for successful Orsett Lodge No. 5424

Freemasonry has a long history, but the success of any lodge lies in its ability to adapt and evolve. Orsett Lodge No. 5424 stands out with their own philosophy. In the past year, they initiated five new members, welcomed two joining members and raised an impressive £6,600 for charity. With their success set to continue with a further initiate and three joining members planned, it's worth delving into what makes this lodge so appealing.

Orsett Lodge's success can be attributed in large part to the innovative ‘Pathway Scheme’ which allows prospective members to apply for membership and provides a clear pathway to becoming part of the fraternity. A fully completed Pathway Profile, crafted by the Lodge's Membership Officer, Steve Joyce, has played a crucial role in showcasing the Lodge's details and values to potential members. However, the work doesn't end there. Steve follows up on every lead, initiating telephone conversations with potential candidates.

Candidates are then invited to Lodge of Instruction evenings for pre-drinks where they are met and greeted by Steve, alongside the Lodge Mentor, Craig Noler, and the Lodge Secretary, Allan Leddra.  A tour of the centre is also provided, explaining as much as possible to help the candidates feel comfortable and to get them excited about joining. Candidates are even encouraged to attend social functions before the interview. The pre-Christmas drinks event has proven successful in making potential members feel at ease while allowing existing members to get to know them before the formal interview process.

Allan Leddra explained, "We are a progressive lodge in line with pathway recommendations, promoting fun, social events, and enjoyment. We aim to be a lodge that members are proud to belong to and are happy to commit to." This progressive mind-set has been key to attracting members who seek not only tradition but also a sense of belonging. Allan added "In July 2023, Orsett Lodge organised a memorable white table event, including a lot of fun and games for all. This event not only brought members and partners closer together but also raised over £400 for charity." This illustrates the lodge's commitment to its values and its dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

One of the cornerstones of Orsett Lodge's success is its vibrant social calendar. Members regularly come together for shared meals, strengthening the bonds of brotherhood over hearty dinners. The yearly charity night, a highly anticipated event organised by Steve Bruyel, Deputy Provincial Grand Charity Steward, showcases not only the Lodge's commitment to the community but also its dedication to entertainment. With live music performances, this night not only raises funds for charitable causes but also brings members and their families together in an atmosphere of celebration.

But the social spirit of Orsett Lodge doesn't stop at annual events. The lodge hosts regular weekly Lodge of Instruction meetings, providing members with a regular platform to meet, learn, and grow. These gatherings not only enhance Masonic knowledge but also foster lasting friendships, allowing a set time for a quick drink after the evening's work.

Orsett Lodge prides itself not only on being a fraternity but a family, where members become brothers in the truest sense, supporting each other in all aspects of life. The story of Orsett Lodge No. 5424 is a testament to the power of brotherhood, inclusivity, and a commitment to both tradition and progress. As they continue to pave their path to success, they serve as a clear example that Freemasonry's enduring values can thrive in the modern world.


Top: Members of Orsett Lodge No. 5424

Left: An Orsett Lodge evening social get together

Right (L-R): Bro Craig Noler and W Bro Rob Murray at an Orsett Lodge Charity Night