A mum’s big ‘Thank You’ and update for son’s life-saving fundraisers

A mother began a life-saving fundraising drive for her son and caught the attention of Essex Freemasons

In 2021, two-year-old Henry Hall fell down the stairs and was rushed to hospital. Following an MRI scan revealing an aggressive brain tumour, Henry’s family were advised that due to the dangerous side effects associated with the necessary chemotherapy, the best treatment was proton beam therapy. This was not available on the NHS so there was no choice but to raise £60,000 for private treatment.

Te Great Wakering family began a life-saving fundraising drive and Henry’s mum Louise Reed broke down in tears in a supermarket after learning that a single donation of £30,000 from the Essex Freemasons Community Fund would be made towards the hospital’s cost. This brought the total amount fundraised to £64,000 in just one week and meant that Henry could receive proton beam therapy at the West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen (WPE) one of the most advanced proton therapy centres in the world.

Henry has made significant progress and his mum wants to thank everyone who raised money. towards his medical costs. Louise told Paul Reeves, who was the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Essex Freemasons in 2021, that “Henry received 30 sessions of proton beam therapy at the WPE Essen before returning home at the end of October 2021. After a further MRI scan at Great Ormond Street Hospital, we received the fantastic news on 13th December 2021 that Henry's cancer was finally in remission. What a wonderful Christmas that was! 

Henry has gone from strength to strength in this time and I am pleased to say he continues to be in remission 18 months after his treatment ended. 

Henry started school in the September just gone and is thriving and really enjoying life to its fullest. I can't thank The Essex Freemasons enough for giving him that chance at life again. It really means everything to me as his mum and you all hold a very special place in my heart. 

I have attached a few photos of Henry recently so you can see how much he has changed from the boy you met back in July 2021 when he was undergoing chemotherapy. 

I also wanted you to know that even though I am unable to pay you back financially for the lifeline you gave us as a family, I have tried to 'pay it forward' instead. I have just finished a surrogacy journey where I carried and gave birth to a baby for a couple who couldn't carry the baby themselves due to the mother having had cancer herself. Baby Isla was brought into the world safely a couple of weeks ago and her parents are as grateful to me as I am to you. I will continue to 'pay it forward' in as many ways as I can in order to help as many other people as I can.” 

Paul Reeves said “That is absolutely fantastic news and, as a parent and grandparent myself, I am so pleased we were able to help!  Henry has grown into a lovely young lad too.”

Photo Montage showing Henry growing up including a very young Henry top left with Paul Reeves